Human eyes on your premises 24/7
We provide eyes on your premises around the clock. Real people will watch your cameras and identify situations that require instant response. Our teams will trigger real-time actions to secure lives and assets.
State of the art surveillance technology
IP cameras will provide live, remote coverage of key locations in your facilities. High-end tampering detection and night vision enable uninterrupted maximum protection - where you need it, when you need it.
Artificial Intelligence Assisted
The latest motion, pattern and change recognition software ensures identification of abnormal situations in real-time.
Broad range of security solutions
Solutions are adaptable to meet your specific needs and range from protecting your home, storage and retail facilities to shoplifting, vandalism and violent crimes immediate alert.
Prevention rather than analysis
Our surveillance gives you action, not analysis: the ability to react in real time, rather than only investigation after the event.
Unbeatable value
For the first time ever, high-end security services, including 24/7 manned surveillance, are within your reach. An added value of this service is that it reduces false alarms clearing your time and energy to deal with events that require your attention.
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